MandaPhilEdward Jenner School Welcomes You

Edward Jenner School is a new school for Gloucester run by Manda and Phil Brookes. We are incredibly enthusiastic about teaching and learning. So we have set up the Edward Jenner School to allow us to share our enthusiasm and expertise. Why Edward Jenner? We think he is an inspirational local figure who had a massive part to play in the development of Medicine and Scientific thinking. A real Local hero. Please follow the link here to the BBC Primary History webpage to find out more about Edward Jenner

Our personal experience and research shows us that children taught in small classes, in a caring family environment become happy, confident and flexible learners. Therefore we have small class sizes and a personalised curriculum for all pupils, offering the best learning opportunities. Our strong core skills and exciting integrated curriculum makes learning happen seamlessly everyday.

Thank you for your interest in our school. We hope you will enjoy exploring our website and understanding more about our vision. We are looking forward to meeting you at our next open activity morning, if you decide to enrol your child at Edward Jenner School then together we will make learning happen.