EJS Tutoring

Edward Jenner School Extra – Tutoring for all ages

We offer tutoring with experienced teachers who love teaching and will work hard to help your child learn. We will build confidence where it is lost; by identifying the skills which your child needs to master and targeting our teaching – making learning happen.

We offer tutoring for students aged 6-16 years. Each 75 minute sessions costs £30 and takes place at Edward Jenner School. We offer bespoke courses in the following:

  • Reading: This can provide the key to difficulties in many areas of the curriculum.
  • Spelling: This programme is multi sensory using all the different ways of learning to build skills.
  • English: A general programme designed to improve comprehension, spelling, writing and grammar. We also support students in their preparation for public exams.
  • Mathematics: We ensure the level is carefully set to maximise progress and build confidence. Mathematics tutoring  builds skills for public exams for older students.
  • Science: These sessions can be weekly to improve general science knowledge and understanding, or tailored revision sessions as exams approach.
  • Grammar School/VR/11+ Preparation: This is a well tested course building students skills ready for the Verbal Reasoning tests. We also assess students requirements to ensure their core skills are ready for secondary school.


Session Times:

Monday:                5.30pm-6.45pm

Tuesday:                 4.30pm-5.45pm

Wednesday:          4.30pm-5.45pm


 Please contact us  to arrange an assessment at a cost of £15 per child. This cost is offset against your first tutoring session.