Older Photos

Please see below some of the interesting and fun things we have done so far.

Updated 18/2/2016

Our resident Gargoyle who is on sabbatical from the Cathedral.

2013-09-26 09.05.28 (2)

We had a Roman Soldier to visit.2013-12-04 15.01.53  We have chocolate Fridays at the end of every term where we do chocolate based experiments.2013-12-20 11.46.40
James Harris the Bird Man came to talk to us about Falconry2000_0306(008)2000_0306(045) We have begun a major construction project using homemade recycled paper tubes2000_0313(026) 2000_0313(010) We went to the Skills Zone Careers Show in BirminghamSolihull-20141113-00133 IMG-20141113-00116
Up Robinswood hill in the winter. It was that cold!IMG-20150206-00192 Chocolate Friday Mark II!Gloucester-20141219-00166 We visited The National Museum of WalesCardiff Museum 1
We built a volcanoVolcano We visited an inflatable Planetariumplanetarium We viewed the Eclipse and recreated it in Jaffa cakeseclipse best total eclipse
We helped ‘Clean-up’ GloucesterClean up Gloucester We built twin 3metre Stegosauruses to find out what their Plates are for!IMG-20150326-00330 IMG-20150326-00312 IMG-20150327-00347 Yet another chocolate friday!choc friday


An Ornithopter we built


Do Woodlice prefer Damp and Dark conditions?


Steg-Bob-Norm leaving the building for his first public display

IMG_20150417_141219 IMG_20150417_141925 IMG_20150417_142313

Gloucester City Farm 1

 IMG_20150417_144012 IMG_20150417_145445 IMG_20150417_143024

Gloucester City Farm 2

IMG_20150417_145459 IMG_20150417_145534 IMG_20150417_145941_1

Gloucester City Farm 3

IMG_20150609_140538 IMG_20150609_150907

We were very kindly donated a Garden Igloo by www.garden igloo.com

IMG-20150709-00765 (1) IMG-20150709-00767

We turned the garden igloo into a 4D Amazon Dome

 IMG-20150612-00648 IMG-20150626-00673 IMG-20150626-00676

We built our own alternatively powered houses using solar panels and wind power

IMG-20150703-00694 IMG-20150703-00695

We visited the Water Way Museum



DSCF2097 DSCF2108

Ecology Trip to Robinswood Hill

DSCF2114 DSCF2119

Surveying Robinswood hill and finding an archeological dig

  Phil's_Phone_20150916_10_16_36_Pro Phil's_Phone_20150916_10_27_29_ProPhil's_Phone_20150922_10_54_09_ProPhil's_Phone_20150914_15_23_04_Pro

We had some eggs come to stay which hatched into chicks and we did some egg based experiments

2015-11-09 11.07.44

Experimenting starts early!

2015-11-09 14.49.06

Extended Bridge building and testing

2015-11-13 14.07.33

Pottery Mark II

P1020111 P1020126

We are now all First Aid trained thanks to St Johns Ambulance


We took part in Community Rugby with international Star Terry Fanolua