Newer Photos –  updated 15/1/17

Clean for the Queen

Sleep-over in the hall

Sustainable Aquaponic fish tank

Fish Tank in place

 Renishaw STEM visit

Dolygaer Outdoor Residential 1

 Dolygaer Outdoor Residential 2

Dolygaer Outdoor Residential 3

Cheltenham Science Festival

 Robinswood Hill

 Pinjatas for Chocolate Friday

 STEM – Making Erinoid Plastic

 Cycle training Panorama

PE – Dry Pole-boarding

STEM – Investigating Playground Design

Visiting the Optician

 Visiting the Optician 2

Romans Under Gloucester

 STEM – Home made crumble light meters


 STEM – Programming robot test rigs to test playgroung models

 STEM – Playground models for testing


 David Hockney –  A Bigger Book has arrived

 Making Felt Planters

 Bread making

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