School Fees

Class Age Annual Payment Termly Payable for 3 terms Monthly Payment
payable for 12 Months

Key Stage 1

(4.5 days attendance)

5-7 years £7344.00 £2448.00 £612.00
Key Stage 2/3/4 7-16 years £8640.00 £2880.00 £720.00


Please note
The school is pleased to offer flexible schooling, children can attend for at least 2 mornings and then additional afternoons. Please see the Flexible Learning page for further details and fees.

Autumn Term Payment =
4 monthly payments on the 1st of September, October, November and December.

Spring Term Payment =
4 monthly payments on the 1st of January, February, March and April.

Summer Term Payment =
4 monthly payments on the 1st of May, June, July and August.

School Fees are non-refundable. We regret that there can be no reduction due to illness or holidays during school terms; as you are paying for a place for your child. Please contact Edward Jenner School to discuss paying weekly.

Notice to leave must be given in writing at least 1 full term in advance. Failure to so will result in your being liable for the full terms fees.

Payments may be made by standing order, BACS, cash or cheque payable to Edward Jenner School. Please ensure that you always pay on time, money is due on the first day of each calendar month, for 12 months of the calendar year.