Small Scale Education

We believe that the educational, social and emotional needs of each child are best served in a small-scale environment. We operate our school along the lines of a caring, extended ‘family’ where the classes do not exceed more than 12 children per session. This is sufficiently small for children and teachers to get to know each other well, to feel an important part of the whole group and consequently develop a much stronger sense of personal and communal responsibility.

As a totally independent small school we are in a unique position to offer a curriculum that is both relevant to the times we live in and is specially designed to address the educational needs of the whole child. We are able to tailor our curriculum to suit the specific needs of each child, ensuring that no child is ever academically left behind or socially excluded. We are able to offer flexi-schooling, which is designed to support those parents who also home educate their children. Our mission:

“Edward Jenner School strives to make children confident, reflective, principled and open minded learners. Our focus is to develop the whole child creating within them a responsible inquiring mind. The children are encouraged to meet academic challenges with enthusiasm and a willingness to solve problems through trial and improvement. We foster an atmosphere of caring cooperation with respect for: individual differences, community values and global citizenship.”